All the magical atmosphere of the Medieval City
Hotel Attiki – Rhodes – Dodecanese – Greece
Hotel Attiki – Small charming Hotel in Rhodes, Greece, in the center of the medieval city
Hotel Attiki – Small charming Hotel in Rhodes, Greece, in the center of the medieval city
Discover the beauty of Rhodes, Greece

Discover Rhodes

Hotel Attiki – Discover the beauty of Rhodes, Greece


Rhodes is the capital of the twelve south–eastern Aegean islands, known as the Dodecanese, and is also the largest in area and population. Its shape rhomboidal has a length of 80 and a width of 38 kilometers. The name meant pink and applicant is the name of “Island of Roses”.

The mild climate and abundant sources rich in crystalline water make Rhodes a true “Emerald Isle”.

In Rhodes, on every corner, we discover picturesque images, places and hospitable people and unique natural landscapes. However there are places which you must not fail to see, in addition to the 44 villages of the island:

  • The Bay of exotic Kallitea with baths;
  • The lively beach of Faliraki and Afandou, Kolimbia and Tsambika;
  • Laboratories of pottery and weaving Archangelo;
  • The Acropolis of Lindos;
  • Mount Attàviro, which covers the eye throughout the island;
  • The Acropolis Filerimo;
  • The old Kamiros, arrived intact to our days;
  • The spectacular Valley of the Butterflies (Petalùdes);
  • The Castles of Monolithos and Kritinia;
  • The golf courses of Afandou;
  • The old mansions of Messanagròs;
  • The Peninsula Prassonisi, every surfer paradise.

The City

The city of Rhodes is a mixture of ancient and modern: on the one hand, the Old Town, the largest intact medieval cities in Europe, and the other in the new city, full of shops, hotels and casinos. The old town, as it is today, dates back to the arrival of the Knights of St. John in 1306, although there was a city in this place as early as 408 BC. It was the Knights of St. John to leave an enduring place on the Old Town building on which reigned until 1519.

Rhodes is rich in archaeological finds (the Hotel Attiki adjoins an archaeological site), having been won over centuries by different peoples, because of its strategic location in the Mediterranean. The Old City is surrounded by a perimeter of about five kilometers of sandstone walls in certain places reaches the depth of twelve meters. These walls are crossed by a number of ports of extraordinary beauty.

The Old Town was declared a protected monument in 1988 by UNESCO for its architectural and artistic quality and has developed around the port of Mandraki, where it says it ergesse the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

To visit the entire Old City, which has an area of eight square kilometers and has about a hundred of monuments, it is essential to devote a few days. The Hotel Attiki is situated in the heart of the Old City, between the Via dei Cavalieri and Sokratous, in the best place to visit.

Hotel Attiki Plus
  • Breakfast for celiacs
  • Refrigerators in all rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Sunbeds
  • Daily change of towels
  • Scale to weight your luggage
  • Hairdryer in each room
  • Custom maps
  • Library and book exchange
  • Free bicycles